open city documentary festival

shane walter chairs a panel discussion on vr at this year's festival

VR is the buzzword of the year. New technologies have always been instrumental in revolutionising storytelling. During this session, the panel will explore the ways in which filmmakers, artists, and documentarists are using new tech in their work. 

During the day, a selection of works will be on display in the Festival Hub. This small exhibition features works by artists making use of these new technologies to tell engaging stories.

Tickets: £5 (free for Industry and Student delegates)  

The panel includes:

Nick Ryan - co-director, Project Adrift

Charlotte Windle Mikkelborg - director/producer, Born into Exile

Leah Borromeo - Co-director, Climate Symphony

James Spinney - Writer/Director, Notes on Blindness

Peter Middleton - Writer/Director, Notes on Blindness