Shane Walter heads to Prague to deliver a talk and host a panel discussion

TRANSMIT is an educational platform for digital culture, art and
technology of SIGNAL Festival. It brings remarkable community of
artists, coders, designers, makers, thinkers, researchers, curators,
inventors, producers and other professionals from around the world to
Prague in order to provide unique opportunity to share knowledge,
experience and ideas.

With a focus is on the field of art, technology, digital culture in
general and their leaking into everyday life, this first edition
features a diverse scope of topics: From generative design and digital
art to ethics of algorithms, robotics, new concepts of computer
interfaces, DIY and fab labs, models of network collaboration and
gender gap in technology. Interactive light installations and art/tech
production case studies will also be presented and discussed.

Friday 16 October at 4pm, Theater room in Experimental Space NoD 

onedotzero's Creative Director, Shane Walter, has been invited to
present a non-stop fly-through of onedotzero’s 20 year history in 20
minutes looking at how the organisation has continually adapted to
survive and thrive in the ‘grey zone’ between art and commerce by
marrying the scale of ambition of international brands with the
innovation of artist’s visions, the limitations of technology and an
insatiable audience appetite for new thrills and experiences. In the
digitally evolving cultural landscape, onedotzero has consistently
pivoted across art, design, film, education and entertainment; from
mounting international festivals and curating for major museums, to
producing stadium tour visuals and interactive experiences for brands.

Saturday 17 October at 11.30am, Video room in Experimental Space NoD 

Shane will host a panel discussion that continues on the theme of art
and commerce.
Confirmed panellists are:
Martin Pošta - Director of Signal festival 
Erdem Dilbaz - Director of Nerdworking