onedotzero's international moving image and digital media festival returns to Shizuoka, Japan

The onedotzero_adventures in motion festival returned to Shizuoka, Japan for the fourth time to present curated screening programmes and artist talks and workshops.

onedotzero's international moving image and digital media festival "onedotzero_adventures in motion" was held at The Center for Creative Communications [CCC] in Shizuoka, Japan.

In 2010, the onedotzero festival returned to Shizuoka for the fourth time. There were presentations by some of the most active creatives today, a feast of new ideas and ground-breaking tech. Shane Walter, onedotzero's creative director, was in attendance to introduce each of the programmes providing a chance to explore the forefront of moving image creativity!

Screening Programmes
Six screenings showcased the latest in ground-breaking media and digital art, from some of the most revered artists today. All programmes were 65 - 85 minutes, and explored new forms and hybrids of moving image across motion graphics, short film, animation, music videos and more.

Seminar Programmes
Two creative presentations were given at this event. The first from UK-based creative Reuben Sutherland, and the second from Japanese creative YKBX aka Masaki Yokobe.

screening programmes

code warriors: a decade of processing

Celebrating 10 years of the creative programming language Processing with a specially curated package of past and present works in motion in association with

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An exploration of the revival of the handcrafted in the digital world, featuring the knitted, stitched, collaged, folded, etc. 

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future cities 11

A screening programme of predictions and possibilities in our urban environments.

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j-star 11

Celebrating Japanese motion culture in this eclectic screening programme.

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wavelength 11

A screening programme of radical new music videos.

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wow + flutter 11

A screening programme that showcases the best in new and innovative moving image.

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