a new event series for london's creative and digital communities

#dotdotdot is a new series of monthly parties aimed at London’s world-renowned creative and digital communities. Brought to you by onedotzero, the events are for artists, designers, musicians, programmers, coders, hackers and entrepreneurs - for the digital adventurers who like to do things just that little bit differently.

#dotdotdot v4 on November 20 included artist Florence To and DJ/Label Boss Uraki Riddim of Fine Grains who presented a spatial installation that included projection mapping, strobes and sound design; Mark Farid spoke about his controversial art project 'Seeing I' which will use virtual reality to question themes of culture, techology and identity; Daniel Jones and Frank Swain discussed 'Phantom Terrains' - a platform built around translating the qualities of wireless networks into sound; and the guys behind ChairAXJ01 led a demo of their design piece which allows you to print digital artworks... with your bum! 

Tying it all together were DJ sets from Bleep.com, a onedotzero screening program including work from Mikey Please, Eoin Duffy, Stevie Gee, and Christopher Guest , and GIFs from Jack Cunningham. 

#dotdotdot v4
Nov 20

Mark Farid on 'Seeing I' [Talk]
Daniel Jones + Frank Swain [Talk]
Florence To + Uraki Riddim of Fine Grains [Installation/Live]
Bleep.com [DJ]
Chair AXJ01 [Demo]
Jack Cunningham [GIFs]
onedotzero screenings feat. Mikey Please, Eoin Duffy, Stevie Gee, Christopher Hewitt

with thanks to Aztec

#dotdotdot v3
Oct 23 

The Light Surgeons [DJ/AV]
Loop.pH [Talk + Installation]
Konstantinos Mavromichalis / Urban Visuals [Talk]
David Hedberg / Smile TV [Installation]
Richard Hogg / Hohokum [Demo]
Horia Dragomir / Face to GIF [Web]
Mattis Dovier [GIFs]

with thanks to Aztec 

#dotdotdot v2 
Aug 21

Alex Mclean [Talk + Live Coding Performance ]
Ototo [Demo]
In The Wild: FaltyDL x Chris Shen [Installation]
Robin Davey [GIFs]
Matthew Britton & Bertie Müller / 1024by768 [Web]
Nick Pink [DJ]

+ screenings of work by Yoshihide Sodeoka (with My Panda Shall Fly) / Job, Joris & Marieke / Chad Vangaalen (with Timber Timbre) / Tom Geraedts (with Max Cooper) / Panop Koonwat / Seed

With thanks to our partners: Mixcloud and Aztec

#dotdotdot v1
July 24 

Alex Allmont [Talk]
Felix Faire [Talk]
ROLI Seaboard GRAND [Demo + Live Performance]
onedotzero [screenings]
Global Breakfast Radio [Online Project]
David Whyte / Bees & Bombs [GIFs]
Tim Parker [DJ]
Good Block [DJ]

With thanks to our partners: Mixcloud, Cube Space, Aztec, Speckmobile, Crate Brewery and Johnnie & Ginger from Johnnie Walker Red Label.