onedotzero's international moving image and digital media festival returns to EMPAC in Troy, New York state

onedotzero_adventures in motion festival returned to EMPAC [Experimental Media + Performing Arts Center] in Troy, New York state for the second invasion of installations, live performances, screening programmes and educational projects including a brand new commission by AntiVJ.

The weekend kicked off with stunning live performances. onedotzero invited international visual label AntiVJ to EMPAC to create a brand new live painting project during a three week residency which culminated in a live audiovisual show which opened the festival plus an installation presented over the festival weekend. AntiVJ are renowned for transforming architectural structures with 3D mapping and “live painting” with light projections and their response to EMPAC’s extraordinary architectural features was impressive. We were also joined by Diplo, the multi-talented DJ, Producer and Songwriter who, as well as DJ-ing with live visuals on opening night, presented his latest feature film Favela.

Back-to-back screenings of onedotzero’s latest compilation programmes took place in EMPAC’s 400 seat theatre over the entire weekend. Meanwhile installations included AntiVJ’s light painting, an interactive music video lounge and the onedotzero_adventures in motion latest festival identity [developed by Wieden + Kennedy London + Karsten Schmidt].

EMPAC also hosted the first stateside installment of onedotzero's education programme Cascade. Under the guidance of AntiVJ and onedotzero, Rensselaer students collaborated on projects that were presented to the festival audience.

Screening programme

citystates 09

A collection of personal stories & collective experiences which investigate the relationship between ourselves and our cities.

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An exploration of the revival of the handcrafted in the digital world, featuring the knitted, stitched, collaged, folded, etc. 

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extended play 09

A collection of narrative shorts which explores new approaches in alternative storytelling.

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j-star 09

Videos, motion graphics and shorts from Japan- this programme offers a glimpse of new visual trends and innovative talent.

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new british talent 09

A sneak peak of the newest and most innovative in moving image work from the UK.

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sprites 09

onedotzero's offering just for kids, set to inspire the future film creatives.

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terrain 09

This screening programme is a collection created by filmakers from diverse backgrounds, with a common interest in the variety of environments our planet has to offer.


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wavelength 09

For the music-lovers, this collection features boundary-pushing music videos from across the globe.

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wow + flutter 09

onedotzero presents the world's most innovative in audio-visual work, which seeks to uncover the future of moving image.

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