onedotzero_adventures in motion

onedotzero's pioneering festival returns to the BFI in 2010

onedotzero_adventures in motion festival 2010 presented the most progressive new short films, creative talent and moving image work from around the world, including exclusive previews, feature films, playful interactive installations, audiovisual performances, talks, workshops and director Q&As. The festival featured a variety of sensory experiences including a multi screen installation by Quayola, 2001-inspired intimate cinema Pods from Ovei, AntiVJ's latest incarnation of their audiovisual volcano mapping project "Eyjafjallajokull", Hellicar & Lewis and Feedback.

Music also featured prominently, with very special live events by DJ Yoda at the BFI IMAX, a 20th anniversary screening and bar event for Ninja Tune as part of BUG and a special edition of the BFI's regular AV extravaganza, Dark Fibre, working with Musion's 3D holographic projection technology with a confirmed line-up including Holotronica [Stuart Warren-Hill, Hexstatic], AV artists D-Fuse, av artists d-fuse with audio from Swayzak's Brun, VJ/illustrator Shantell Martin and electronic DJ/Producer 10SUI.

onedotzero director Shane RJ Walter explained the focus of this festival: "taking utopian visions as an undercurrent theme, this year's festival is imbued with a sense of adventure, hope and creative positivity, which can be seen evidently through wow + flutter and citystates."

With an emphasis on convergence and collaboration, highlights include robotica, an exploration of the wonder and social effects of robots or androids which also includes a robot-building workshop in the form of moanbot; code warriors, investigating the trend of using computer code as raw material to create moving image work; and ladymation, a brand new programme showcasing eclectic gems from female directors currently leading the way in animation.

Festival identity

onedotzero festival identity 2010

A onedotzero festival identity by logan.

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topologies, quayola

A onedotzero commissioned installation.

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feedback, hellicar + lewis

An interactive installation commissioned by onedotzero.

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onscreen 10

An abstract and contemplative screening programme.

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eyjafjallajökull, joanie lemercier

Inspired by the icelandic volcano, joanie lemercier's installation is a feat of immersive audiovisual mapping.

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There was a brand new programme onedotzero_nightfall - a barrage of the most extreme, leftfield and often bewitching entries into this year's festival programme, from gaming-edged horror and sci-fi weirdness to trippy psychedelia.

Special feature film preview events included Chico & Rita, an animated ballad set in jazz-era America from Oscar-winning director Fernando Trueba, which will be screened alongside a short film detailing the process of creating this collaborative project. Plus Q&As with Gareth Edwards, director of the visually stunning sci-fi road movie, Monsters and Steve Sale, who shot his affectionate documentary Superhero Me on any format going, from digital to mobile phone.

Educational forums and panel discussions on topics such as short films, computer games and data visualisation ran alongside the return of onedotzero_cascade, onedotzero's ongoing award winning collaborative education project, will lead a week-long course of workshops.

BAFTA will hosted a special panel discussion around the convergence of cinema and gaming.

Screening programmes

wow + flutter 10

Innovative and experimental shorts forecasting the future of moving image.

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wavelength 10

Visually progressive, radical and offbeat new directions in music video.

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extended play 10

Compelling shorts with a unique visual style that push traditional storytelling.

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citystates 10

Investigations into mankind’s fascination with dynamic city living.

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j-star 10

Celebrating Japanese motion culture in this eclectic screening programme.

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new british talent 10

Showcasing fresh work by the UK's brightest sparks in animation and indie film-making.

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robotica 10

A screening programme dedicated to the universe of robots and mechanics.

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code warriors 10

A showcase of ambitious personal experiments and imaginative examples of generative films.

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A platform for both emerging and established women directors leading the way in animation.

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nightfall 10

An adult-rated screening programme for the daring and adventurous.

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Sprites 10

onedotzero's child-friendly screening programme.

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