onedotzero presented highlights from the onedotzero_8 festival in snowy Stockholm

In 2005, onedotzero teamed up with the leading Scandinavian instituition for contemporary arts, Moderna Museet, to present highlights from the onedotzero_8 festival.

The festival featured screening programmes, live audiovisual events and panel discussions The hugely successful weekend brought together hundreds of local creatives from across the city, representing disciplines as diverse as graphic designers, architects, filmmakers, fashion designers and many more.

Thanks to our festival partners: Moderna Museet, Popcorn, British Council, British Embassy, Arkitektur museet


The Z-Axis, The Light Surgeons

The Z-Axis is a multi layered live audio visual performance by The Light Surgeons that fuses classic cult cinema with electronic sound scapes mixed live by DJ and audio artist Scanone.

Read more about The Z-Axis here


wow + flutter 04

A visual ideas lab for future moving image trends and concepts. a spectrum of styles are exposed spanning animation, motion graphics and abstract experimentation.

wavelength 04

A monitor to view new graphic, digitally progressive music promos. a showcase of innovation from critically acclaimed directors and unknown talent alike.

extended play 04

A select international programme of digitally inflected short films and animations, extending beyond the boundaries of traditional storytelling and style.

lens flare 04

Presenting highlights from contemporary gaming on the large screen, from an ever-powerful computer industry that continues to release cinematics, mini epics and interactive movies with evident artistry.

graphic cities

Excavations into moving image and architecture. This programme has a focus on contemporary explorations and interpretations of modern life in the city and the constructed urban environment.

fashion and new moving image

A survey of some of fashion’s collision with the fields of graphic design, illustration and moving image with some surprising and unexpected results. 


A specially curated local screening compilation exploring the best in recent Swedish music videos, short films and motion graphics.


Architecture & New Moving Image

Exploring new shifts created by the convergence of architecture and new forms of moving image with a panel of practitioners working within architecture, interactive media and motion graphics.  Chaired by Shane RJ Walter (onedotzero), with guest speakers Christian Grou (Neutral), Ulrika Karlsson (SERVO), Palle Torsson (Artist) and a representative from Lynn Fox.

The Exploded Filmmaker

Presenting two key directors, Johan Renck from Stockholm and Adam Smith London, to examine how their varied backgrounds in Graphic Design, Music and Live Visuals have influenced their work.