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onedotzero teamed up with ustwo™ to curate a special onedotzero collection of granimator™ packs

Granimator™ is a creative graphics and sound based wallpaper creator that allows the user to become the artist. The iPad app allows the user to select from a choice of shapes, styles and backgrounds. Each shape represents a sound that can be manipulated and played and users can draw, erase, move, scale and rotate these assets to create compositions.

To celebrate its 15th year, onedotzero teamed up with ustwo™ to launch a collection of Granimator™ packs created by some of the artists it has worked with or showcased over the last decade and a half. The collaboration launched at onedotzero_adventures in motion festival in November 2011. A range of talent was curated and selected from all over the globe.

The following onedotzero packs are available to download now, free from the  App store 

Illegible by H5

The French graphics and animation studio converted iconic quotes into slick black and white shapes that can be deconstructed to create patterns and new meanings.

Play by 3KG

The collective of designers working across graphic design, illustration, interactive and moving image took a very graphic approach to their granimator pack. Teaming geometric shapes in bold colours with sound design by Yuri Miyauchi, the diversity that simple objects and colours can create is amazing.

Yeah Right There by Grant Orchard

The BAFTA and Sundance award winning designer/ animator Grant Orchard presents a fun and saucy Granimator pack called Yeah Just There with a mélange of vaguely erotic shapes that take a slightly comic and tongue in cheek twist.

Karaoke Kingdom by Hideyuki Tanaka

The multiple talent from Frame Graphics who specialises in art direction across fashion, print, games, animation and film takes pop visual icons and sounds inspired by contemporary Asia, including Karaoke, NES, Manga and Buddha.

Joe Tube by Punga

The collaborative design studio with a unique vision brings out its Psycho killer side with an obsessive-compulsive disorder twist. Re-order and create new characters from chunks of dead ones!

Motomichi by Motomichi Studio

Renowned for character driven work, Motomichi Nakamura presents a deep-sea world of unnerving and mystical creatures in his signature black, white and red palette with a Japanese infused aesthetic.

Guará by Lobo

As one of the first South American Granimator creators, the award-winning graphic design and animation studio Lobo drew inspiration from Brazilian folklore and a shared love of mythology, imaginary beings, monsters and strange creatures to create layers of fantastical illustrations, called Guará.

Universal Everyone by Universal Everything

Universal Everything is a diverse studio at the crossover between design and art - creating works for brands, screen, galleries and stadiums. For their Granimator pack you can create creatures from primitive pods to elaborate ecosystems by sticking eyes onto colourful geometric shapes.

Knowflakes by Fred & Company

Fred & Company is a new venture focused on social and artistic creative projects driven by Fred Deakin - co-founder and creative director of the ground breaking cross-media design agency Airside and one half of the band Lemon Jelly. Inspired by the recent "Electricity Comes From Other Planets" installation in Paris, this pack allows you to create kaleidoscopic mandalas from layers of geometric circles. For this project Fred & Company consisted of Fred Deakin and Florin Dragoi.

Totem Monster by Cassette Playa

Cassette Playa is the label of fashion designer Carri Munden whose work is described as “a toxicolour uniform for hard boys and girls battling real and virtual worlds”. Her totemic inspired pack draws on her archive of icons and motifs inspired by contemporary sub-cultures.

Squinglesticks by Richard Hogg

Illustrator, designer and videogames maker Hogg likes to work with old fountain pens, computers, screen printing, giant murals, and balloon sculptures. His fun and playful nature is reflected in a pack rammed full of illustrative thunderbolts, hearts, eyes, arrows and more.

Fragments by Intro

The purveyors of creative thought and unorthodoxy since 1988 Intro specialize in design, direction and production and boast an impressive rostrum of clients and partner. Fragments provides a series of minimalist marks in black, white and Intro yellow. When combined these inky elements provide the building blocks for endless compositions.

Artist Profile

ustwo™ is a digital design studio that delivers pioneering user experiences as digital partner to the world’s leading brands including Sony, Sony Ericsson, Intel, H&M, BBC, Turner and J.P.Morgan.

Boldly independent, they serve a global client base from their studios in London and Malmö, Sweden [New York coming soon]. They also generate their own self-initiated projects across apps, IP and collaborative work like Granimator.

Driven by a ‘love digital’ mission, they specialise in interaction & user interface design, app development and digital entertainment. We design multi-platform experiences across mobile, tablet, TV and beyond across a range of markets including mobile, consumer electronics, retail, entertainment, medical and financial.

ustwo™ have been in mobile and TV for over six years. As well as bringing the very best in digital design and innovation to their clients, ustwo™ explore and invest in new technologies by producing their own digital entertainment in the fields of gaming, apps and publishing.